Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Aftermath of Docataxel

Sorry I haven’t written for a while. A friend worried that I’m not well enough to write. My lapse has been a combination of being busy (working, doctors’ appointments, etc.) and a lack of energy.  

Shortly after my third chemo session, the first treatment with Docataxel, I had  a very rough time.  I was warned that Docataxel would leave me feeling like I was at the height of the flu for 4-5 days.  I would say that is a fair description.  Docataxel left me with constant achiness and headache, GI problems, brutal mouth sores, a day of fever and again, undescribable fatigue for 11-12 days.  On Day 11, I called to make an appointment with my local oncologist to discuss my chemo options.  I had decided that having cancer was bad enough.  Despite promising myself that I’d continue any treatment as long as it was helping, after nearly two weeks of feeling like crap, I had decided I would not do Docataxel again.  I was willing to try other chemos or other treatment ideas.  I just could not picture myself having to get another Docataxel dose while still recovering from my first dose.  However, on Day 12, I woke up with a lot less pain and discomfort.  Day 13 brought me more energy, and by the time I met with my local oncologist on Day 14, I felt pretty good.  He and I still discussed the side effects and strategies for minimizing them, but I did not bring up the notion that I was not willing to do another round of Docataxel.   

I’m committed to one more round (this Friday)...at least.


Ann said...

Oh Luna, what an awful ordeal. I'm so sorry. You are brave to try again (or nuts (-:). I just hope they can give you something more effective to ease the side effects this time. Good luck.

Wanwan said...

Luna -- I hear the pain in your words and can't begin to imagine the horrendous side effects you're enduring. Just wish I could somehow help alleviate and shoulder them for/with you! Glad the effects diminished over time. Good luck on your next round. - Jeri