Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Omaha Friends


When it comes to friendships, I have been extremely lucky.  It’s no secret that to have good friends one must be a good friend.  Some would even say that there’s very little luck involved in building friendships.  However, I do feel very lucky to have been able to surround myself with friends that are as interested in where I am and what I’m doing as much as I am interested in them.  Over the years, I ‘ve had circumstantial friends– they’ve come and gone.   I also have dear friends that stay with me forever.  Today, I’m writing about my junior high and high school forever friends from Omaha.  Not all of them could make the trip this past weekend, however, four of them traveled from Omaha and Nashville to see me and we connected with another who lives in the area. 

Kathy arrived on Thursday, while Dan, Tom and Kerry came on Friday.  Friday night we went to La Tasca, one of our favorite tapas restaurants. 

Saturday morning, everyone came to our house and hung out.  We talked, laughed, played Qwirkle, laughed and then laughed some more. 
 Kathy, Tom, Dan, Kerry, and Wynn

 Our Qwirkle board...isn't it pretty?!

Later Saturday night, our other classmate, JoAnn and her husband Howie, came over and we had a potluck dinner.  Everyone contributed food, drinks, stories, laughter and friendship. 

 Note:  JoAnn's flourless chocolate cake, decorated with our high school and mascot:  Go Central Eagles!

Although I hate my illness, it is because I am sick that my friends came together to see me.  This group of Omaha friends are wonderful folks who take care of and look after each other.  We have been friends for over 40 years….let me repeat that….over 40 years! 


Shirley Kroot said...

With or without hair, you are still beautiful. Although we are not there, we are always here for you. See you in May. Love you.

Scott W said...

Wow! It is so good to see all of you from Central High. None of you have changed a bit! Luna, you're in my thoughts and prayers daily. Keep up the good fight.