Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It’s Only Hair (and That's Only My Eye)

Following the first two rounds of chemo, (with the stuff that didn’t work), my hair didn’t fall out.  Since 99% of chemo patients lose their hair, I had prepared for it to fall out by picking out a wig and I had a plan – when it started to fall out, I’d go in, get my head buzzed, and have my wig fitted.  But after weeks of no change, I was thinking that I was going to get to be in the elite group of 1% of chemo patients that doesn’t lose their hair. 

Then…that damn Docataxel.  I am told that everyone on Docataxel loses his or her hair.  So…15 days after my first treatment, it started falling out.  Even though I was expecting hair loss, I didn’t expect it to start the day my Omaha friends came in.  It’s impressive how quickly it falls out once it starts and rather than having my hair fall out in a trail behind me, I wore a bandana.  Nathan said I looked like Rosie the Riveter:

 "Can Do!"

I tried to make an appointment for head buzzing and wig pick up as soon as possible.  The soonest I could get in was Monday, 3 days after the onset.  My friends Brigid, Kelly and Pat came with me for the ceremonial head buzzing.  

My short buzzed hairs will fall out until I am cue ball with a face. Right now I don't mind a buzzed head, but I won't like being a cue here's my wig: 

This next part, you won’t believe:

The wig stylist trimmed my wig and the last snip was to clip off a hair that was hanging near my left eye.  As she made the last snip, she accidentally poked me in the eye.  If Brigid, Kelly and Pat were not there, as my witnesses, I, too, would not believe it happened.  Immediately there was a blood bubble on the white part of my eye and it felt like I had a foreign body in my eye whenever I blinked.  It was decided that I needed to see an eye doctor ASAP.   To make a long story short – the scissor tip went into the outside layer called the conjunctivae, but not through it.  At least one, perhaps two, small blood vessels were pierced.    I was given an antibiotic eye drop to use for the next several days but the prognosis is excellent.  Yesterday and today the white part of my left eye looks like I drank too much and have a blood-shot eye.  The pain is minimal and has gotten better throughout the day.  Again…can I please catch a break?!


Dana Shields said...

hey lu
your wig looks great! wow! how did you keep it from sliding off your head? that would make for some amusing photos. ;-)
but i'm so sorry about your eye! so not fair!!! I want to punch that girl in the eye. ;-)
your are indeed getting poked all over the place. jeez i hope you don't spring a leak. ;-)
love and hugs, dana

Becca said...

Devin and I both agree that you look adorable with a buzzed head. You could have totally gotten away with this look in the 80s when Sinead O'Connor was popular.

Janet said...

Love the buzz and the wig- the stylist not so much. And even though you are a "can do" person, this would be nice timing for a break. May this next treatment wreak a little less havoc on you and complete havoc on those nasty cells. xxo

ark said...

Luna, I wouldn't have known it was a wig if you hadn't said it was, looks great, very natural. Hope your eye is feeling better - unbelievable!