Tuesday, January 1, 2013

First Chemo Session...Done

Here I am, ~4 days after my first chemo therapy session.  I still have hair and a smile :)  Yesterday I was back in the hospital to have a port placed, which is a small device implanted in my chest.  The port gives my care takers an easier access for IVs, chemo therapy, blood draws, etc., meaning no more IV starts in my arms.  Hopefully this means less painful sticks and things will go faster.

The port placement went well.  I was pretty well snowed and don't remember much.  The nausea from the anesthesia wasn't fun, but none of this is.  I am just grateful to have these medical advances around to help my life be, even a little, easier. 

It's really frigid here in Chicago today, but Wynn and I went for a short walk.  The cold, crisp air felt really good.  I love my husband.

I've been getting tons of notes, messages, emails, and calls.  I need everyone to know how much I appreciate hearing from all of you.  I read every message and hold them close to my heart.  Thank you so much for your love and support!


Anonymous said...

Hi Luna,
I too just figured out how to post a comment, but I needed Sarah's help.
I loved seeing your photos from Peru and Ecuador - I'm so glad your family got to have that time together before learning of your diagnosis. I will be following your blog and sending as much good energy your way as I can.
May the new year bring you the smoothest sailing possible!


Wanwan said...

It was wonderful hearing your voice the other day. I couldn't help but remember the good ole days back on 30th and Franklin playing in the sand-box tire in your yard. You and Mayumi wearing those navy blue (and green?) dresses...your mom making soft-boiled eggs and other goodies. We go back a long way, don't we?
Although after our families moved away and we took separate paths growing up --school-wise and everything --, I'm so gratified that we reconnected as adults...

We are thinking of you every single day.

Luna O. said...

Hi Vicki- Thanks for reading and well wishes :)

Luna O. said...

Jeri- We sure do have old memories. I wish I knew how big that sand box tire was because in my head it was gigantic! It's been so great to have you in my life.-Luna