Sunday, December 30, 2012

Two Weeks Before My Cancer Dx

The two weeks before my cancer diagnosis, my family and I were in Ecuador and Peru.  I just learned how to add photos to my blog, so I thought I'd show you a few sights we saw.  In the colonial section of Quito, there was a wonderful local band playing for a Quito's Founder's Day Celebration. 

This is the organic farm in Ibarra, Ecuador where Nathan worked for two months.  Nestled in the Andes, the views were spectatular!

This is a view of Machu Picchu from Huayna Picchu, which is the large mountain often pictured behind Machu Picchu.  My family and I climbed Huayna Picchu and were able to look back that this amazing sight.  

Wynn and I from near the Guard House of Machu Picchu.  Huayna Picchu is in the background.   Nathan's in the last picture hiking back from the draw bridge at Machu Picchu.  Nina didn't like any photos of her, so I wasn't allowed to post any. 


Shirley Kroot said...

Beautiful pics

Shirley Kroot said...

We want to wish you the best in 2013 & are keeping you in our prayers. As you can see, I finally figured out how to reply. Love and hugs.

Anonymous said...

What a great family trip! Breathtaking views. You have a beautiful family, Luna (I'm sure Nina is beautiful even though she's camera shy!) I'll be following you in your journey, and keeping you in my daily prayers. Gwen

Tracey Gibson said...

These pictures are breathtaking. You look beautiful. I think about you and your family everyday and look forward to reading your blogs. Thank you for sharing these intimate details of your journey. As I follow your blogging, my heart feels heavy but somehow I feel closer to you as I read. You are an amazing person with a wonderful smile. Stay strong. Miss you very much. Hope to see you very soon. Tracey