Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Uninteresting Update

Today has been a good one.  The first two days after my second chemo session weren’t bad at all, but days 3-5 were pretty challenging.  The nausea and fatigue were indescribable.  However, today, I feel much better…only mild nausea, minimal fatigue, mild liver discomfort and minor bone pain.  I was hoping that after my second chemo session I would be able to figure out some sort of pattern, but so far, it seems like I need to plan to be out-of-commission for about 5 days afterwards.

It’s my understanding that chemotherapy treatments are cumulative, so I can expect to have a longer recovery with each treatment.  I’ve been told that the post-chemo liver discomfort may be a ‘sign’ that the medications are working on the liver tumors…so I suppose I should be glad :/   

Two good things:  My hair is still on my head and the fuzzy spot in my right eye seems to show up less frequently. 

Next week I’m scheduled for CT scans to see if my chemo treatments are helping.  I probably won’t blog until after that.  Thanks for reading, everyone.


Shirley Kroot said...

Sorry you are having such bad side effects but glad to hear that there may be some positive signs. Love, Shirley

Kristin Sanden said...

Thinking of you. "Indescribable" sounds pretty rotten :( Hope, you you said, that the "bad" means that the chemo is doing its "good". Hang in there. Kristin