Friday, December 28, 2012

The Battle Begins!

         Today was a very long day…doctor’s appointment at 8:15 am, cancer/chemotherapy education session, and then 5 hours of blood testing and IV chemo infusions.  I got home after 4 PM.  Whew.  I’m on a cocktail of three different chemo drugs, each trying to control the cancer in a different way.  I received pre-chemo medications to reduce allergic reactions to the chemo,  stomach upset, and nausea.  I guess these pre-chemo meds work because I was told that some patients gain weight during chemo. 

         Nathan, Nina, and Wynn came for the education part.  I’m so glad they were there to hear the information with me – I’m sure I missed things.  Brigid came at lunchtime, with lunch, for all of us.  What a pal.  She and Nathan sat with me for the afternoon, chatting one second, then watching me sleep the next, as the meds kept knocking me out unexpectedly. 

         Getting chemotherapy feels like such a double-edged sword.  On one hand, I’m relieved to finally be actively fighting this cancer.  I know that in the past two weeks since it was discovered that something bad was going on inside me, I’ve been so busy getting tests, biopsies, seeing doctors, getting second opinions, etc.  BUT, during this time, I, we, had done nothing about the cancer yet.  It was still inside of me, growing, and probably spreading some more.  Today that changed.  However, chemotherapy is scary too.  There are very unpleasant side effects…many of them.   It’s difficult, (but not impossible) for me to wrap my head around the idea that I consented to getting chemicals infused into my body.  I EAT ORGANIC FOODS! But, I signed the consent and laid my arm out for the IV. 

Wish me luck...and I think luck has a lot to do with whether chemotherapeutic drugs work, or not. 


Debbie McLaurin said...

I wish you luck, healing thoughts and prayers throughout the day, every day and when I wake at night thinking of you. You are an awesome friend and a strong woman. If there is anything that I can do to help you while you Conquer the Cancer, please call me.

Len McGee said...

Hi Luna,
I am sending you prayers and positive thoughts from Prescott, AZ.
I really admire your ability to communicate in a time like this. I am sure it helps to cope though.
This makes me realize how fragile we all are.
I will be following your progress and success in fighting this.

Ann said...

I just figured out that I can comment, so I am testing it out. It seems that you are receiving good thoughts from across the country. Well, go ahead and add Philadelphia, PA to the mix. Tons of good thoughts and positive energy being sent your way. And we don't mess around in Philly.... we root hard for the people we love.

Luna O. said...

It was great talking yesterday.

Luna O. said...

Thanks thanks, Len

Luna O. said...

I'm just learning about this blogging thing, too. Thanks for the support :)

billc said...


Just got home from church and I can tell you lots of folks are holding you and your family up in prayer down here in snowy Cincinnati. We are so impressed that you are blogging about your cancer fight. Not only are you an inspiration, but this is a great way to keep your cheering section informed.

Love, Bill and Lisa