Sunday, March 8, 2015

Life Goes On...again



     I've posted this photo before.  This sapling is growing out of an old stump and is my metaphor for the continuation of life.  I see a delicate young sapling with it's roots safely protected by the wood and deep roots of an old tree.  As corny as it is...I think the symbolism is beautiful. 

     This past week, our niece, Jayme, and her husband, Andy, had their first baby.   Meet Asher Reid! 

 Isn't he BEAUTIFUL!

     Well done, Jayme and Andy!  Mazel tov to Asher's grandparents, Bob, Eudice, Dick and Nancy.  Hearty congratulations to uncles and aunts, Larry, Leslie, Harold, Caitlin, Jenny and Jon. 


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