Tuesday, March 31, 2015

100th Blog...A Week of Firsts

     Almost every year I take a week off from work to attend an educational genetics conference.  I go to get continuing education units to keep my board certification current and to spend a few days with old friends.  This year our conference was in Salt Lake City.  If you've never been to Utah, consider putting it on your bucket list.  The mountains are so beautiful and there are interesting sites to see...the Mormon Temple and Tabernacle, as well as, the Family History Library.

       The mountains in the surrounding area have great ski resorts.  Earlier this season, Wynn and I went to Lake Tahoe hoping to get in a few days of downhill skiing, but when we got there, there was no snow.  None.  Nada.  Instead we hiked, worked out at a local rec center and took in a yoga class.  So...when I had the opportunity to get a couple days of skiing in before my conference, I
couldn't pass it up.  My long-time friend, Vicki, and I made our way to Solitude, a scenic resort nestled in the Big Cottonwood Canyon about 40 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City.  When we got there the mid-mountain snow base was 56", but they hadn't had any new snow for a couple of weeks.  The next morning we awoke to a snowstorm which was expected to bring 4-6" of new snow.  It was beautiful coming down, but it wasn't cold enough so rather than powder, it was heavy slush.

     Although Wynn and I try to get in a week of downhill skiing a year, I've only improved to an intermediate skier.  I feel comfortable describing myself as a strong blue-run skier, when snow conditions are optimal.  I struggled at Solitude in the heavy, wet snow.
     On the second run of our first day, I took a fall.  It was an ordinary fall; nothing really spectacular.  I would tell you the details, but I got hurt and it's painful to relive, so I'm only going to give you the short version.  The snow
Bionic leg
conditions were harder than my ability to ski them and in my wipe-out, I twisted my knee.  Since then, I've had a long series of new experiences: 

  • First time to ride down in a sled pulled by a ski patrol.
  • First time getting evaluated in a slope-side medical clinic.
  • First time in a brace that makes my leg look bionic.
  • First time on crutches.
  • First time riding in a wheelchair at the airport.
  • First time boarding with passengers taking extra time or needing assistance.
      I'm home now and saw my orthopedist yesterday.  He thinks I have an ACL tear, injured or torn MCL, and a fracture of the segond, which is often seen with ACL tears.  I did a number on my poor knee.

     We will know exactly what my injuries are after an MRI, which is scheduled for next week, pending insurance approval.  After that, I'll learn what my options are, but I'm told, likely surgery.  I'll keep you posted. 

My pals, Laurie, Andrea, Vicki, Margie, Stef


Jeff Etten said...

I'm glad to have come across your blog and hope the MRI doesn't show a tear. I wish this post had been an early April fools joke but you've got pictures of the leg brace to prove otherwise.

Barb Biesecker said...

Oh I am so sorry not to have gone to the College meeting! But so pleased you rendezvoused with your close colleague friends! WHAT A DRAG to finish it off with a ski injury! Especially given your athletic prowess of late!! I hope any intervention is not extensive and that you are soon no longer bionic. Sending much love, Barb B