Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Beauty of Life...

                                                            ...is that it goes on.


The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of joy for our family.  In late May, our niece, Becca, her husband, Devin, and their son, Hyat, welcomed little Nora. 

She is a sweet and easy baby and we are so very happy for them all.  I'm sure Nora already knows what a great family she has been born into.

A hearty CONGRATULATIONS! to Becca, Devin, H-man,  grandparents:  Debbie, Michael, Mariette & Tony, and both GREAT-grandfathers: Joe and Herb!


Then in early June, our nephew, Larry, married the love of his life, Leslie.  It was a beautiful wedding and a very fun reception!  Great food, music, and an ample dance floor.  

Leslie...we welcome you with open arms. And another hearty CONGRATULATIONS! to you both!

I took this picture a couple years ago at Camp Warren in northern Minnesota.  I love this photo.  I'm not sure if the new tree sprouted from the seemingly dead stump, or if a wayward seed nestled its way into the safe harbor of the old stump.  In any case, it reminds me that life goes on...and what a beautiful thing that is.

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Anonymous said...

Luna, you look absolutely amazing holding that baby!!! No one would know that anything was physically wrong with you. You are glowing!!! Congrats to all the special news of your family!! Each change brings great change. I love the picture at the bottom too. I like to take time to enjoy the beauty of nature that God has created. It never ceases to amaze me!!!