Monday, June 23, 2014

Hot Air Balloon Fest

Launching of the balloons.
    This past weekend our friends, Ann and Mike, invited us to join them at their place at Eagle Ridge Resort in Galena, IL for The Great Galena Balloon Race.

   We've never seen so many hot air balloons at one time and the expression, "eye candy," seemed like the perfect metaphor. 

It was a perfect day for a balloon fest.
                                    We watched as the balloon crews set up and inflated the balloons, then flew them.  There was a lot of buzzing around by crew members to get a balloon upright and in the air.  Piloting must require loads of knowledge and skill.  After landing the crews packed up so quickly.  The fabric the balloons are made of must be thin and light because the deflated balloons were folded up and packed into large duffel bags, which were carried away by one guy.  The bulky part of the whole thing is the basket, which took several crew members to hoist onto a truck or into a large van.  


   Aside from the roar of the burners, which are periodically fired up, these colorful bubbles floated above our heads in silence.  I love silent sports...biking, kayaking, skiing.  These are the sports that let me be active while allowing my mind and spirit to drink in the world around me.  Riding in a hot air balloon is probably an amazing experience, especially on a clear day.  I know I'd love the views and the sensation of floating.  



 At night, they had a "balloon glow." 


   The problem is...I'm afraid of heights.  Given that I can't climb a ladder, I'll enjoy hot air balloons from my lawn chair... and dream.....


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Anonymous said...

Luna, it sounds like a wonderful time enjoying the "eye candy". I took a ride over Africa on safari and then had a champaign breakfast after landing. It was beautiful and peaceful, but I prefer adventure, as you know. It was high, but not a bit scary, the sides of the basket was so high, that you couldn't see things below, but only across and in the distance. I am glad I did it, but except for the landing, I would much prefer to watch the event like you. It is so beautiful!! Love you Luna. Kathy