Monday, March 3, 2014

Nothing Like Old Friends

     For the most part, having cancer really sucks.  I've done my best to incorporate my diagnosis into my life, constantly trying to gain, regain or maintain my "life's balance."  Not surprisingly, having a significant illness has made me more keenly aware of my relationships, including the value of my friendships.  Although I still love meeting new people, I am very sentimental, emotional, and protective of the circle friends I have been lucky enough to surround myself with for years.  Part II of our winter vacation was spent in the San Francisco Bay Area visiting long-time friends.       

Sather Tower aka the Campanile
     When we take a ski trip, we usually go to the mountains for a week, skiing 4-5 days.  This year, we planned 3 ski days and spent the balance of the week meeting up with friends.  It worked out well because I was a little nervous about getting hurt on the slopes anyway, and since my legs get pretty fatigued after 2-3 days, it made sense.  The skiing portion of our trip was spectacular...Lake Tahoe always is. The visiting friends portion of our trip was even better.
Nina, Wynn, me, Vicki, Andrea, Gene, Laurie
     We made a quick stop at the University of California, Berkeley, (my alma mater), then Wynn, Nina and I stayed with Vicki and her daughter, Sarah, in their Belmont home for a couple of days.  We met Andrea, Gene, and Laurie in Half Moon Bay, ate at Sam's Chowder House on the Pacific Ocean and
Wynn, Vicki, Laurie, Nina, Sarah, Gene
walked on the beach.  Vicki's home is so warm and  inviting, and it meant so much to me that Andrea, Gene and Laurie drove from all over the Bay Area to meet us for the day.  It started out a little foggy, but the sun broke through, just as old friends walked it should have.


Sharon, Ronnie, me, Wynn
Mary and me
Dahli, Sumi and me
                 Going back into my childhood, we also visited with family friends who used to live in Omaha and who moved to the Bay Area many years ago.  The matriarch, Mary, is now 94-years-old, has known me my whole life, and is a dear friend to my mother.  I couldn't help myself...seeing Mary brought tears to my eyes.  We were so happy because several members of Mary's family came to meet us, (Sumi, Dahli, Sharon, Ron, Reina and Jana).  Our family friendship goes back to 1955, pre-dating me.  Sumi and Mary loaded us up with Japanese treats to share with my mom.  Can't beat that!

     I also met with Dana and her son, Charlie.  For some, unknown, reason I didn't take a picture of them and their adorable house in Menlo Park.  I figure that I need to go back and do that sometime soon.  Thanks for letting me hang out with you for a few of hours.   

     The feeling of connection to friends who pre-date my children and my marriage to Wynn starts in my chest and radiates to all parts of my body.  Along with the friends we connected with on this trip, I...we...have many friends who have extended their love and support to me and my family.  You folks remind me of my roots, define who I am, help me achieve the balance I'm always striving for, and make having cancer less sucky. I am so grateful you're all in my life.  


Ann said...

I'm so glad you made the trip out west. Looks like such fun. Good for you for skiing (sometimes you just have to ignore doctors' orders or you wouldn't have any fun).

Thanks for keeping up this blog. It is a treat and an inspiration to read it.

Luna O. said...

It was great to ski a little. Hope you and Michael are well and Nancy is hanging in there.