Tuesday, March 25, 2014

CT Scans #6,Update-Update

     On Friday I saw my oncologist and asked him about my recent abdominal CT scan. My last blog mentioned that the scan report noted several tiny "hypodense lesions" on my liver, which are too small to characterize. Not knowing what hypodense lesions are, I optimistically dreamed that they are liver tumors that are shrinking away.  

     When my doctors compared these scans to previous scans, it looks like the hypodense lesions are, in all likelihood, shrinking tumors.  My doctor said that the multiple tumors I had in my liver have distorted its shape, but it appears the tumors continue to be fewer and much smaller.  Wa-hoo!

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Shirley Kroot said...

I just read your last few blogs. We are so glad you were able to ski & travel. Shrinking rumors are a good thing. Hang in there, Luna. You will beat this.

Love you and hope your health continues to improve.