Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It's Working!

Earlier today I had a series of CT scans, (chest, abdomen, and pelvis) to see if the oral chemotherapy, (Xalkori), I've been taking for the past 8 weeks is working.  I am thrilled to write that my oncologist called me tonight to let me know that the tumor in my lung is about half the size it used to be and the tumors in my liver are all shrinking.  The mets to my bones are about the same, and certainly are not worse.  My oncologist said that it is not unusual for bone mets to take a little longer to respond to chemotherapies.  He is very optimistic...and I am too! 
Since there is little data about Xalkori use with ROS1 mutation patients, we have no idea how long it will work for me, but for now, things are all going in the right direction.  My liver enzymes are back to normal and other labs are also headed in the right directions.  

Wynn and I traveled to Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA last week. Despite cloudy skies and some rain, we had a wonderful time.  I'll write about our trip soon.  Just wanted you all to know my good news tonight before I went to bed. I was so nervous about these scans that I hardly slept last night...tonight I'll sleep better :) 


Anonymous said...

Such wonderful news!! We are SO happy, and can't wait to give you a big hug when we see you!! Love, Jayme & Andy

Mike said...

Wonderful news Luna!

Shirley Kroot said...

That is fantastic. I check your blog every other day or so, but didn't check it today. Aaron just called to tell me the good news. Hope to see you on the 16th. Love & hugs, Shirley