Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Hug

Last night, when it was clear to my husband and me that trump was going to be our next president, we decided to call it a night and head to bed.  Just before ascending the stairs, we stopped and hugged.  It wasn't the usual "I love you, good night" hug, but rather a long, strong, and heavy hug.  

The last time we shared a hug like that was the night we were told I have metastatic cancer.  And the time before that was the day my mother-in-law came to our home to enter into hospice care for the last two weeks of her life.  

These are rare and distinct hugs with a very specific, unspoken message.  Through each of these hugs, Wynn and I told each other that whatever uncertainty lies ahead of us, we will be together.  Whatever challenges are in our future, we will be together, and while we are both strong individuals, together we are stronger.  

Hug the ones you love...a long, strong and heavy hug.  And remind each other that together you will make sure it's going to be OK.  


Anonymous said...

I can't remember my password darn. But Luna this was a special blog!; What a wonderful partner you have in life. Give him an extra hug from all your friends. I would give you the same hug if we were together. STACY

Debbie said...

When my heart is heavy, the only thing that helps me feel better is a long, strong and heavy hug. That was the first thought that I had when it was clear to me that he was going to be President... I need a hug.
Hugs to you, my friend. <3

Ann said...

Luna, this is so beautifully written. Thank you. Sadly, love didn't trump hate this time. Guess we need more huggers in the world.

Anita said...

Amen to that, Luna.
Anita B.

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