Friday, November 22, 2013

CT Scans #5, Update


     Just got a call from my oncologist's office.  Yesterday's scans show that my bone lesions are about the same, (a good thing), and the lesions in my liver are better...meaning fewer and smaller.  The most relieving news I received today is that there is no evidence of metastatic disease in my brain.  WAAHOO!!  There are lesions in the bones of my neck, but they were there from the beginning.  
   Today is a good day for me.  Maybe I'll sleep better tonight. 



Jenny said...

Great news!!!

Anonymous said...

Luna - this is fantastic news. I'm so very happy for you and your entire family!! Hope you can enjoy turkey day!!

denise Friesen said...


This is great news!

I am praising God for good medicine and care that is working for my dear friend!!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.
love, denise