Thursday, October 10, 2013

Government Shutdown Trickledown

     Today was my monthly appointment with my local oncologist.  I continue to be doing well on Xalkori and for now it appears that my disease is still stable.  Other than some mildly increasing bone pain, I feel pretty well.  

     However, since the beginning of the government shutdown, I've been really, selfishly, upset.  There are a couple second-generation cancer medications being studied under government backed, (NIH), research protocols that I've been following, with great interest.   It's possible that I could need one of them in the future when Xalkori stops working for me.  These medications are in Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials and while our government is shutdown, the  clinical trials are also shutdown.  I've emailed my Congressman and hope you will too.  Go to and enter your zip code to find who your Representative is...then please email him/her and let them know how this shutdown is affecting the ongoing medical research needed to help keep Americans, like me, alive.  Imagine how it feels to be the person who has exhausted all currently known medications and really needs these new drugs.  I know it could be me, or someone I know, or someone you know, or you.  


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