Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Still Trying

Ten days have passed since I blogged about trying to get off of Oxycontin.  Unfortunately, I’m still working on getting off of it.  My doctor continues to make suggestions and encourages me to wean slowly...very slowly.  It takes patience, which I don’t have much of. 

This past weekend my dear friend, Brigid, and I went to Austin, TX.  I was really feeling the need to get away and have never been to TX.  Since my diagnosis in December, I’ve hardly been out of my suburb.  Austin has a great music scene and inexpensive, good food.  The most appealing part of Austin was the warm sun.  The Chicagoland area has had a cold, wet spring.  I usually don’t complain about the weather much, but having cancer and going through bouts of withdrawal are leaving me chilled to the bone.  It was in the high 80’s and a little humid in Austin, which felt amazingly good.  We sunned, pool-side, walked along the Colorado River, and relaxed.  The flight down to TX was challenging.  I got sick a few times and am so grateful that Brigid was with me.  She’s a real trooper and a great friend.  Once there, everything else went smoothly, including the flight home.  Wynn and I are planning a week vacation soon and this quick getaway gave me the confidence that I can actually travel and nothing bad will happen.   

My next CT scans are scheduled for the first week of May.  These are the scans that will let my doctors and me know if the oral chemotherapy I’ve been taking for the last 6 weeks is working, or not.  I was so nervous about my first set of scans, which told us that the chemotherapies I was initially on weren’t working.  You can imagine how nervous I am about this next set.


Matthew Ireland said...

That's so great that you had a good time in warm, sunny, Austin (which is a cool city, isn't it). And truly great that this trip helped give you confidence for a week vacation! Have a fantastic time wherever you guys go. Good luck with the upcoming CT scan & results. Thinking about you wishing you and your family the best. p.s. You look great. --matt

Anonymous said...

I wish we had known you were so close - we would have come & met you for a short visit! The irony is that Chris was in Austin last weekend, too!! Small world!!! I am glad to hear you had a great time - you picked a great weekend weather-wise to visit!

Shirley Kroot said...

Glad you were feeling up to a short vacation. Good luck with the scans. You look great. Hope you are up to a short visit on the 16th. Shirley

Becca said...

THat is a great photo of you two :-)

Wanwan said...

Where are you two love birds heading off to? Hopefully, someplace to warm your bones. The weather has been damp and cold and gloomy (overcast) here in Omaha, too. Enjoy yourselves wherever you go. --Jeri (love your hair!!)